New to Racquetball

Intro To Racquetball Rules & Play 2 page document for friends or family watching and cheering players on

· At the high school level, racquetball is a club sport. Like all club sports, the school recognizes the sport but does not sponsor it.

· The league is governed by the Missouri High School Racquetball Association (MOHSRA).

Visit for league news and schedules.

· MOHSRA is sanctioned by the USA Racquetball (USAR). MOHSRA fees include USAR membership for your player.

As a member of USAR you will develop a national rank which can be viewed at

Note: MOHSRA takes care of this registration, if you receive renewal emails from USAR, please disregard.

As a USAR member, you will be added to their email distribution list and will receive informational emails about events.

These emails are from USAR, not from our team.

· Within the St. Louis area, we have over 20 schools and 500 student athletes that participate in the league.

· Unlike other school sports, everyone will have an equal opportunity to play at their appropriate level: Varsity, JV1, JV2 or JV3.

· For beginners or players at this level of skill, there is a JV3 league which is run slightly different.

Unlike the Varsity and Junior Varsity level, the JV3 players will play a mixture of singles and doubles matches over the course of the season.

JV3 matches are played on Saturdays starting the end of October and conclude with a State Tournament in February.

· Generally, you will be required to attend two practices per week (starting in September) and one match per week.

Practice days and times vary by team.

· Varsity consists of 6 singles and 1 doubles team, JV1 consists of 4 singles and 1 doubles team and JV2 consists of 5 singles.

With few exceptions, once you have been seeded – you will play that seed for the remainder of the season (10 matches).

Doubles players play only doubles matches and singles players play only singles for the season.

· Varsity, JV1 and JV2 matches are usually scheduled after school (3:30 PM or 4PM start)

Players are responsible for getting themselves to a match. Players stay until all team matches are complete for a brief team meeting.

· September – focus is on conditioning and skill development / October - round robin playoffs to determine where you will be seeded

November - high school league starts and runs through the end of February with the state tournament.

· Your record at the end of the season will determine how you will be placed in your bracket for the state tournament.

· Each match will have a player referee. Depending on the skill level of the referee, there could be questionable calls.

In our experience, these typically work out and seldom influence the result of the match.

If both players disagree with a call, they can replay the point. As a parent, do not try to influence the referee or the match.

Please do not argue with or yell at the referee.

· National High School Racquetball Championships run Wednesday through Sunday at the end of February/beginning of March.

Location rotates yearly between St. Louis and Portland, Oregon (2019 in St. Louis)