Important Dates 2019-2020

  August 23               Red and Blue Night at West High

  September 13        West High Homecoming Parade

  TBD                       Preseason Picnic and Parent/Player Meeting

  October 26             JV3/Middle School league play begins.  JV3 and Middle School Schedule

  October 28             Varsity/JV1/JV2 league play begins. Varsity/JV1/JV2 Schedules

  November 9           Trivia Night Fundraiser Trinity Lutheran Church   

  November 16          Varsity Top Seed Tournament (Varsity seeds 1-3 only)

* December 6-7        MOHSRA Winter Rollout Tournament (all teams)/Rolla Tournament commitments due

  January TBD          Arby’s Tournament, Rolla, MO (optional; approx. total cost $125 per player)

  January 14              West High Curriculum night  - recruit new players

* January 24-25        MOHSRA Doubles Tournament (regular and mixed) (all teams)

* February 15                 JV3/Middle School League State Championships

* February 22            Boys League State Championships (Varsity, JV1 & JV2)

* February 23            Girls League State Championships (Varsity, JV1 & JV2)

  Feb 26-Mar 1          USA Racquetball High School National Championships (St. Louis MO) (high school only)

  Sun TBD                 MOHSRA League Awards at SLUH 3 pm

  TBD                        End of Season Team Awards Gathering  


* These tournaments are included in your league fees. All players will be registered to play for these
   events unless they notify coach they are unable to play. 

Please notify coach as soon as possible if you are unable to participate in any of these tournaments or any scheduled match during the season. A no show results in a forfeit that will impact your team’s score and is an inconvenience for your opponent.

Optional Tournaments Opportunities There are additional tournament opportunities beyond the MOHSRA league tournaments. These are optional events and players are responsible for registration and payment for these events.